Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Creativity Expert - Sir Ken Robinson

Revolutionary ideas on education and razor-sharp wit. 

Sir Ken Robinson is very widely-known, yet his ideas deserve even more spreading, especially around teachers, school administrators, politicians, parents, and basically everyone.

An expert on creativity and one of the wittiest public speakers I've ever heard, Sir Ken's TED Talks are so popular that he's done at least three - they keep asking him back. I'm having difficulty deciding which one of his books to read first. Any suggestions?

One of the anecdotes he gives in one of his talks is that of British choreographer and director Gillian Lynne, most famous for her work on the musical Cats. As a young girl of eight, she simply couldn't sit still in class or turn her homework in on time. Her mother was called in to school, and this is what happened...

Picking favorite quotes from his TED Talks is difficult, so here are just two:

1) Escaping Education's Death Valley
"you can't improve education if you don't pick great people to teach and if you don't keep giving them constant support and professional development. Investing in professional development is not a cost. It's an investment"

2) From Bring on the learning revolution!
"every day, everywhere, our children spread their dreams beneath our feet. And we should tread softly." 

See more on his website and on YouTube.   http://sirkenrobinson.com/?page_id=14

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