Monday, April 28, 2014

Try IT On Monday 2014 - Part I

On Saturday I went to Try IT On Monday (TIOM) 2014 with some teachers from my school. It was our first time at the event, and it was well worth it. There were over 100 teachers from international schools mostly around Tokyo to exchange ideas with. The aim of TIOM is for teachers to share IT ideas that are useful, but still easy enough to use that you can walk into your own classroom on Monday and try them out.

TIOM had a great atmosphere, professional yet relaxed - the perfect combination for teachers volunteering their time on a Saturday morning. According to the coordinator, Kiyo Horii, a successful TIOM event includes these flavors and spices:

  • informal
  • flexible
  • variety of presentations
  • open registration
  • student involvement
  • free lunch and snacks
Check it out at

Some of the presenters (do I dare call them 'techsperts'?) were IT integrators or Google certified teachers, others were regular teachers who had figured out how to do something cool or time-saving using IT.

The sessions I saw were:

1) blogging 

2) Google sites 
3) efficient report card writing

As you can see, I really am trying IT on Monday with this new blog. Over the coming year, I will share ideas from the sessions I went to, and much, much more...

A big thanks to our hosts at Nishimachi International School - otsukaresama guys! 

Efficient report card writing session at TIOM2014 - no more spelling mistakes, ever again!

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